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Effective and affordable outsourced credit management services for UK businesses.

Effective and affordable outsourced credit management services for UK businesses.

By utilizing our credit management services, you can streamline your accounts receivable management and dedicate your time and energy to expanding your business. Outsourcing this task can lighten your workload and enhance your productivity.

BRIS Credit Management provides outsourced credit control and late payment support to businesses in the UK.

BRIS Credit Management provides professional credit control services to UK businesses. Improve your cash flow by outsourcing your late payments and chasing outstanding customer invoices to our proactive and friendly team. Rest assured, we are diligently pursuing the collection of your outstanding invoices.

Having a steadfast cash flow is extremely important. Late payments and overdue customer invoices are often due to an ineffective credit control process. We offer a bespoke service to suit each client. Improve business cash flow with tailored credit control services you can rely on.

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Working With Us

We acknowledge that each business has its own distinct characteristics, and that's why we adopt a proactive approach. We initiate an informal conversation with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your business and how your customer invoicing process works.

Our aim is to provide effective and affordable outsourced credit control services, chasing customer invoices and your late payments. We help to reduce overdue debt and collect as many outstanding customer invoices efficiently every month.

How outsourced credit control services can help you ?

Increased Cash Flow

Bris credit control can help small to medium businesses improve their cash flow with a consistent customer invoice chasing service that is flexible to suit your requirements.

Save Costs

credit control does not have to be complicated. Bris credit control uses a simple and effective process to ensure customers pay their invoices as soon as possible.

Recover Debt

Through a mixture of reminder emails, formal letters, and proactive telephone calls, we contact your outstanding debtors to help ensure invoices are paid when they are due.

what are the benefits
of outsourced credit control?

Helps to Reduce Costs

The cost of recruiting in-house credit controllers can be expensive. It also requires additional set up such as payroll, recruitment, training, and holiday cover. Bris credit control can tailor our services to suit each business and the outstanding debt you need help to collect. Our fees are based on a simple monthly retainer.

Saves Time

Using professional and friendly outsourced credit control services helps contact customers earlier for payment, and is a popular way to free up time, so that business owners can concentrate their efforts on other areas of their business, such as increasing sales and managing overall operations.
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Whether it is just a few hours each month or many hours every week, Bris credit control will allocate the right amount of time and action to ensure your customer invoices are paid on time wherever possible. Our credit control services are flexible to suit you and your business's outstanding sales ledger.


Bris credit control follow a specific, courteous and professional approach when collecting outstanding customer invoices. Through the use of emails, formal letters, and telephone calls, we help to manage your sales ledger and provide you with simple updates so you know what is happening at each stage of the process.

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Less Stress

Many small businesses do not have the experience or time to allocate to chasing customer invoices. Outsourced credit control services reduce the stress and burden associated with overdue customer invoices. As a business owner you gain peace of mind knowing that invoices are being chased and the outstanding sales ledger is being reduced.

Ready to get started with outsourced credit control


Get in touch with us using the form on our contact page


We then discuss your business, customers and sales ledger.


We will review and agree a fixed monthly retainer for the service.


We plan the process with you and get started when you are ready.

About Us

Bris credit control was established by Beverley Richardson as an independent outsourced credit control service for UK businesses who simply need help chasing customer invoices when they are owed. We aim to help reduce the stress of customer late payments and improve overall business cash flow. We provide an affordable, effective and professional service to compliment your existing business.

Need help with your overdue invoices? We would love to hear from you

Find out more about our outsourced credit control services and how we can help your business. Please use our simple contact form so we can discuss your requirements in more detail.